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Mi è capitato un po’ di volte di imbattermi in un problema di blacklist particolare, torna indietro una mail di questo tipo:

Remote host said: 550 5.7.1 : host blocked using
88.blocklist.zap; Mail from IP banned. To request removal from this list please forward
this message to

Eppure l’ip non è in alcuna bl conosciuta.
Sembra una blacklist interna utilizzata dai vari Exchange Hosted Service. A chi ha chiesto il delist inoltrando la mail a quell’indirizzo, è stato risposto:

The 88.blacklist.zap is an internal list generated with logs from our spam filtering engines. IP addresses may end up on this list if a certain percentage of the mail received by our network from that IP address is marked as spam by our filters for a given period of time. For example 90 percent of the mail is spam for 15 days. The thresholds are variable and may change as needed to ensure the safety of

L’ho fatto anche io e funziona. Maggiori info qua:


Alessio Fattorini - Community Marketing Manager

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  1. Mi hanno risposto così, è chiaramente una lista interna dei servizi microsoft.

    This IP,, has been reviewed and was removed from the block list. Note that there is a small period of 1-2 hours after delisting is granted until all of our servers propagate with the new change.

    As long as the majority of traffic from this IP is not filtered as spam, messages will be allowed to flow uninterrupted through our network. If it is discovered to be spamming in the future, relisting is likely to occur, and the IP will be more difficult to have removed from the list.

    We will now be closing this case. If you have any further concerns, please let us know.


    Travis Hilliard
    Microsoft Online Services Technical Support

  2. Sì, ho fatto così. Ma non c’è alcun modo per verificare nè i tempi nè l’avvenuto delisting, come succede per altre RBL pubbliche.


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